Warming Our House

We bought our house at the end of November and had agreed to a three week closing date – which meant we had the keys just before Christmas and moved in over the holidays.  It was the craziest month ever…

Before we knew we were moving we had also planned a New Year’s party at our apartment … and although looking back now it seems like a crazy idea, we decided to still have the party at the new house (side note: the best motivator for unpacking is that you’re having 10 people over for a dinner party…)

This was our first chance to share our new home with our friends – and it was a blast.  Although we had nothing on the walls and a few rooms without furniture, we decorated with white flowers and candles (see photos), added some Christmas lights outside and we were good to go!

Although the New Year’s party was great – we still wanted to invite all of our friends over. Since our house isn’t huge we decided to wait until BBQ season had arrived so a few weeks ago we had everyone over to enjoy the backyard and the new grill.  Nothing like good friends, good food and good weather – and, as you can see from the photos, it actually turned into a picnic because we ran out of seats!

How did you warm your house, apartment, condo when you first moved in?

Creating your own flower arrangements is a great way to dress up a space or add a dramatic punch of colour. Choose simple glass vases or containers and add flowers. A great look is to use flowers with different blooms, texture and height – but all in the same colour. White, green and fuschia work fabulously!

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