Are you a cloud or a cave person?

Say what?  When I first read that question in Metro’s Décor Moment column I had no idea what being a cave or a cloud person meant – especially when it comes to bedroom décor.

A “cave” person is someone who loves to wake up in a dark room and a “cloud” person is someone who can’t get enough of the morning sunlight streaming in through the windows each morning.

For “cave” people it’s recommended that you decorate your bedroom using rich colours and dark wood tones – using heavier drapes to create a darker atmosphere.

If you’re a “cloud” person it is essentially the opposite.  Choose lighter window treatments (like sheers) and lighter/brighter colours to reflect the outside light.

Seems somewhat obvious but something that I’ve never actually considered.  Although I love dark, rich colours – I think I’m actually a “cloud” person – nothing beats waking up to warm sunshine!!

I would love to hear about what your bedroom style is – check out the poll below!

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