Review: Canvas on Demand

When we first moved into our house we decided to hold off on hammering more holes into the walls and get a feel for our new place before we started hanging things. Well we’re a few months in and the white walls are starting to look bare.

Although we had “art” from our old place, we were ready for a bit of a revamp. We hung our favorites and then decided we’d wait until we came across something fabulous for the rest of the walls.

Well I got a bit impatient… I came across a site in a Groupon e-mail called Canvas on Demand – where you can essentially turn any photo into your own canvas. Desperate for something to hang on our walls I thought I’d give it a shot.

I chose a photo that shows the view from our old apartment window (i love our new place but i still miss that view!), uploaded it to the website and chose my options. It was pretty straightforward – I chose the size, thickness and whether or not I wanted it framed. You also got to choose the edging (black, white or have the photo wrap-around). What was neat with this option was that there was an “artists choice” where you could get one of the Canvas On Demand folks to recommend a finish, depending on what works best with your photo.

Within a few days of submitting my order online I had a lovely phone call from one of the “artists” who went through the options I had chosen and made a suggestion for the edging (to wrap the photo all around) AND suggested that a wider canvas would suit the photo better AND that they would make the change free of charge. Sounded like a great plan and within a week my canvas had arrived at my front door.

I was super pleased at how it turned out and loved the way it looks on our wall. End result below! Not only is it a great addition to our walls but it would make a fabulous gift!

My photo on Canvas from

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