Bathroom – Before & After

When we first moved into our house everything had been painted white. Nice and neutral, but a few months in we started to crave a little colour. The easiest (a.k.a. smallest) room to tackled was our upstairs bathroom. It was not in bad shape – it had a new tub and vanity. The biggest focus for us was to add some colour and get rid of the light fixture (it looked like upsidedown flower pots).

We started with the wall colour – after no less than 20 paint swatches taped to our wall the lucky winner was Benajmin Moore Trout Gray #2124-20.

Next was the perfect medicine cabinet – the room had come with a random cupboard (which we realized had been GLUED to the wall when we tried to remove it) and a standard mirror over the sink. Since the room is small – we wanted something with functionality and was nice to look at. We found a frameless, mirrored medicine cabinet at Rona that did the trick.  We also replaced the flower pot-like lights and added a simple lighting fixture .

Then was the search for the the perfect shower curtain/rod combination.  The original rod was this wrap-around thing that left little space for a person in the actual shower – so we installed a curved rod – maximizing the space that we did have.  Next was the addition of the curtain – which was what probably took the longest for us to find.  Eventually we went with a classic black and white pattern to break up the solid colours.

Last, was a mini-update to our vanity.  The original faucet was brushed silver – which didn’t match anything in the room.  Call me crazy but I had to switch it out to a chrome one to match (for me it madea HUGE difference).  Then, we thought we’d add a bit more character by swapping out the knobs with these cute Chronograph Knobs from Anthropologie.

The only thing left to do is to find some art for the wall… Check out the original and the end result so far!

We don’t have that many pictures of the before (didn’t realize I’d be doing a before and after!) other than this one from our real estate listing (the house was staged).  You can’t see the crazy flower pot-lights but you’ have to trust me that they had to go!

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