The perfect summer app – Flat breads

I took a Mediterranean cooking class with a few girlfriends this winter and one of the easiest recipes we tried out was one for making your own flat breads or Mediterranean pizzas.

It is as simple as finding your favorite flat bread – you can use anything from a tortilla, pita bread or my personal favorite naan bread – and adding your toppings and then popping into the oven to bake.

We whipped some together Friday as an appetizer for some friends – fresh diced peppers, onion, tomato with a little bit of salt and pepper. Then topped with some feta and cheddar cheese. Delish!

We also tried something similar at my friend Jenn’s (she took the class with me) – her version was pesto, mozzarella and tomato – also tasty!!


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One Response to The perfect summer app – Flat breads

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your flat breads look delicious. Another fantastic ingredient option is capers, which give a definite unique and surprising taste.

    Love this post!


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