Bedroom Painting Project – Stripes!

A few weeks ago we embarked on a mission to paint our bedroom with some horizontal stripes. It all started off simple enough but we ran into a few challenges (typical of an old house like ours) but I’m happy to share the end result!

The last few months I’ve been wanting to paint something navy – so we decided on navy and white stripes as an accent wall, with the rest of the walls painted solid blue. As always our local Benjamin Moore was fantastically helpful – we went with a matte paint (to hide the imperfections in our old, plaster walls) the final colours were Benjamin Moore Aura Old Navy and Chantilly Lace (the most fabulous shade of white).

After a few challenges i.e. having to buy additional paint because the plaster walls soaked it up like crazy or realizing the floor and ceiling were not parallel (thanks Val for the laser level) or there was an extra two inches of wall on one side compared to the other… We are finally done!!

I’ve included a step-by-step guide to creating this look below as well as the before and after photos.

Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Stripes

1. Choose your colours and purchase your painting supplies (buy lots of extra thick painters tape as it is more forgiving for roller-happy painters that have a hard time colouring in-between the lines)

2. Paint the entire wall with the lightest colour – recommend at least two coats of paint

3. Once the wall is COMPLETELY DRY (leave it 24-48 hours) it is time to tape your stripes. For horizontal stripes it is generally recommended not to choose stripes wider than 12 inches or narrower than 7 inches. Tape from top to bottom and if you can, use one piece of tape for the entire wall (helps ensure the stripes are straight). This is where the laser level is essential. Pick a place in the centre of the wall to hang the level, next follow the laser beam with the top or bottom of the tape. Be sure to account for the width of the tape when creating the base coat stripe (see picture: the white lines look smaller because of the green border which underneath is white of course).

4. Mark each stripe that is going to be painted in the second colour (you don’t want to paint the wrong stripe!). Use a small roller to paint one coat and let dry completely.

5. Paint a second coat of the same colour and before it is dry remove the tape – this ensures that there is no bleed through the tape and you don’t damage the paint upon removal

6. Make any touch-ups where necesarry and enjoy!

Our Bedroom Photos

{ Laser level painting set-up }

{ Prep work – taping our stripes }

{ Starting with the first coat of paint }

{ Getting there – first coat complete! }

{ Close-up so you can see how we painted over the tape }

{ Gives a whole new meaning to watching paint dry }

{ All done!!!}

{ The final look }

{ Opposite wall }

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9 Responses to Bedroom Painting Project – Stripes!

  1. Liana says:

    Looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow, it looks fanastic. Great job guys!

  3. lunchwithmary says:

    Looks awesome and looks like a TON of work… good job, you’re so patient.

  4. thehomeslice says:

    Thanks Liana, Lauren and Mary! Definately was a labour of love!

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