Malm Makeover – our updated bedroom drawers!

One of our summer projects was to revamp our bedroom drawers to give us a new look.  Everything in our apartment was some shade of brown-black, so we decided a makeover to something light and bright would be a nice change.

The process was simple.  First we washed all the surface with soap and water.  Then we sanded each piece until the top layer of the varnish was removed.  (This is the most important step because if you don’t sand enough the paint won’t stick).  Our first coat of paint was primer mainly to ensure the paint stuck and we covered the original dark finish.  Then we painted two coats of oil based Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace – nice and shiny, great finish for furniture.  Then, our last step was drilling some holes and adding some hardware from Home Depot to dress things up a bit.  Total budget was $150.  Photos of the before, during and after below!

{ Black brown Ikea Malm  6-Drawer Dresser}

{ Black brown Ikea Malm 6-Drawer Chest  }

{ in progress – priming }

{ After a few coats of paint }

{ Painters Pyramids – best tip ever!  Lets you get every nook and cranny}

{ Knob close up }

{ The finished product}

{Close up of the 6-drawer }

{ Close-up of the chest of drawers}

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7 Responses to Malm Makeover – our updated bedroom drawers!

  1. raakuus says:

    These look so nice, I love the knobs. The room itself looks very cool. Sadly I don’t have the skills to do this kind of stuff and not get paint all over the place. Kudos.

  2. Liana says:

    nice job emi & greg! how much for you to do my room next?

  3. Valérie says:

    Wow these look great! I love the blue and white together – so nautical!

  4. thehomeslice says:

    Mithila – it is definately a messy project but something easy that you could try is just adding/replacing the knobs. I purchased minfr for jsut under $5 each – so it’s also afforable!

    Liana – we still have so many projects on your list you might have to take a number 😉

    Valerie – it is kind of nautical isn’t it?! Now for the finishing touches!

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