To match or not to match? Washers & Dryers

Our washer decided that it no longer wanted to work a.k.a. started spewing water all over the place.  When we looked into it, it was going to be the same amount to fix as to replace the washer unit.  So yesterday involved some quick washer research and a visit to every appliance store available (must admit – the husband did all the legwork yesterday, we communicated via text/photos and I just came in at the end to help choose).

The dilemma arose when we had to decide if we were going to get the matching dryer.  Actually, for me there was no dilemma – they had to match.  BUT – that means we have a perfectly good dryer that we have to get rid of (hello craigslist!).

So what would you do?  Buy a new washer and keep the old dryer?  Or go for a new, matching look?  Check out the poll below and let me know!

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