Junction Arts Festival

So after a few weeks of little blogging I’m back at it. This past weekend we decided to check out the Junction Arts Festival. There were lots of  great vendors and food and it was a beautiful day to be outside.

One thing that I love about the Junction is that I always find something I love. Whether or not I get to take it home is another story… The Junction is where we found our tea crate that we are making into a table for our front porch (I should be able to post pictures next week).

I thought I’d post a few pics of things that caught my eye this weekend in the Junction.  Not all are for the home, just some fun things!  You should go check out the Junction – tons of treasures to be found!

{ Old school cabinet with a BUILT-IN SAFE – don’t make things like they used to eh?}

{ Close-up of the safe – not going to lie, I was tempted to take this home and make it into something….  }

{ Art display of old filing cabinets – right in the street}

{ Old cans with the original labels – great for office storage or some accent pieces }

{ Store full of odds and ends from old buildings – great for adding some character }

{ An art display where you were supposed to write your confessions – this wasn’t mine but I found it amusing }

{ Another confession – Bieber Fever }

{ This fantastic lighting store that I love – not only can you find some great vintage pieces but they do repairs and create original fixtures using vintage pieces }

{ Candelabra light }

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