The September Issue – for décor lovers

The September issue of Vogue is legendary – but what is the equivalent for home décor lovers?  The new Ikea catalogue of course!!  Waiting for it to arrive in the mailbox each fall and taking the time to check out the new trends, products and accessories has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pages from this year’s “September Issue” below.  Do you have any favs from this year’s catalogue?

p.s.  sorry for the screen capture photos, it was tough to copy and paste from the online catalogue!


Love the contrast of the photos on the white background and it is magnetic – so you can change your look up anytime!


How the shelves were set up, almost like shadow boxes is what drew me in.  You can display everything from toys, photos books or special keepsakes.


What I actually liked the best with this page was the set-up.  The cork wall really shows of the different type of shelving.  This page really made me think about what goes into staging this kind of catalogue – apparently there is a team that works on that specific job all year round.  Could you imagine??  How fun would THAT be!!

PAGE 135

The mirror is what stands out for me in this picture, not to mention that the white furniture is a little reminiscent of our recent Malm Makeover.  I also love the brightness of this room and that it is still cozy.

PAGE 364

I’m currently a bit obsessed with photos walls and trying to convince the husband that this would be a great option on our basement wall.  He’s still not sold but when I see walls done up like this I feel even more convinced that we could come up with our own photo wall that would be totally fabulous.

PAGE 333

Although I’m not in love with any of these lamps I love the contrast that this page shows.  You can pick something ultra classic and simple or something a bit more unique.

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