Foto Friday – Thanksgiving Table Decor

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!! For today’s Foto Friday I wanted to look at some simple ways you can dress up your table for the Thanksgiving holiday without too much fuss.  Here are a few ideas that incorporate some seasonal fruit/vegis, items you can find outside and my favourite… candles!

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this time celebrating with family and friends….

{ This one is my favorite and so simple!  Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin for your candle and you are all set – more photos at Better Homes }

{ Nice and easy – just gather a selection of gourds and pumpkins and throw together in your favourite bowl – Martha Stewart }

{ Gobble gobble!  A little crafty but fun – make your own turkeys – Martha Stewart }

{ These candles from Lemon Annie are festive and easy to make at home – just pick up some dried beans, glur and candles and you are all set! }

{ You know what they say… an apple a day…  For a quick and easy centre piece use fruit you have on hand and a candle – Better Homes and Gardens }

{ Using leaves is easy and affordable – add to a glass jar or just spread on your table – Martha Stewart }

{ A quick and easy idea from Martha – just wrap your hurricane candles with tissue paper and voila! }

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One Response to Foto Friday – Thanksgiving Table Decor

  1. Yolaine says:

    Emi – thanks for the great ideas! …. shh!!! don’t tell anyone, but I also definitely like the pumpkin/candle suggestion !!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Joyeuse Action de Grâce!


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