Holiday Party Trend – Tasting Parties

I was recently in Pier 1 and noticed they had a new line of entertaining plates, bowls, etc. perfect for tasting parties.  (My favorite is the White Porcelain Sampler Set $19.95)

Personally, I love trying tasting menus when we go out to eat and think it would be fun to host your own tasting party.  It’s a great way to feed large groups of people without having to do a sit-down dinner – perfect for holiday entertaining!

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of hosting your own tasting party:

  • Start with a signature cocktail – set the mood with a special drink to kick things off.  Something as simple as  champagne with fresh pomegranate is delicious.
  • Pick a theme – Choose a specific type of cuisine (like Thai, Greek, French, Middle Eastern) and pick dishes that showcase the main flavours and ingredients associated with that cuisine
  • Presentation – Use small dishes and accent with fancy tooth picks, napkins and garnishes.  Also, group the dishes together in a creative way (see some of the photos below) – adding some seasonal flowers to your food station is a great way to dress things up.
    Using white dishes (like the ones often used in restaurants) always helps to make sure the focus is on the food, not the plates
  • Always include dessert – Adding something for your guests with a sweet tooth is always a nice treat.  Try personal size cheesecakes or mini brownie bites.

You can check out some presentation and tasting menu recipe ideas from Pier 1 here.  What do you think of hosting your own tasting party this holiday season? Do you think you’ll try any mini-menus ?

{ All photos courtesy of Pier 1 Imports – thanks to Pier 1 PR team for sourcing! }{Grouping  dishes with the tallest at the back makes the presentation more dramatic}

{ Set up food stations – one for drinks, mains and dessert }

{ Make individual apps with these fabulous serving spoons }

{ Such a versatile dish – use it as a bowl/mini plate or for a display as seen above}

{ Accent drinks  with seasonal berries  or apps with a fancy cracker/bread }

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6 Responses to Holiday Party Trend – Tasting Parties

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I am just planning a party and this post couldn’t have been timed better! Thanks so much for these wonderful images – I especially liked the red spoons and skewers. Thanks again!

  2. thehomeslice says:

    Thanks Jacqueline! I love the spoons as well – having them in red makes them feel extra festive. Enjoy your party planning! Emilija

  3. Valérie says:

    I love this posting Emi!

    What is it about bite-sized foods that look so good?! I love the mix of colours and unique arrangements

    Mmmm now I’m hungry!

  4. Liana says:

    great ideas! such a great way to sample all your recipes when you can’t narrow it down to just one = )
    love the simplicity of white serving dishes too!

  5. Thanks for following me via twitter. Nice to find another Canadian blog! Will add you to my Canadian blog roll!
    Great ideas for entertaining! I love red dishes and those Asian spoons to hold appies is a great idea {and would look great with my dishes}

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