Decorate your halls – cool HomeSense contest

This weekend I was browsing Facebook when a button popped up and said I could win $1,000 at HomeSense by entering a contest.  I’m in the midst of holiday decor shopping so a little extra money for some vintage looking Christmas balls or a nice wreath would be fantastic.

For the contest you basically get to decorate either a living or dining room by choosing accessories, decor items and furniture.  I would LOVE to have this kind of app for my house – I could change the wall colour, furniture style and accessories when I was thinking of trying out a new look.

Although it isn’ t my real house I still spent a good 30 minutes “decorating” my room as I drank my morning coffee.  You can check out my cosy, chic room here.  If you want to enter the contest, click here.

Happy decorating!

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One Response to Decorate your halls – cool HomeSense contest

  1. I totally did this, but I wasn’t that proud of my design, so I didn’t post mine to Facebook. Ha ha. Do you know if it’s based on your design or picked randomly? I hope the latter!


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