Twelve Days of Cookies Guest Post – Day Six


Cinnamon Star Cookies

Today’s guest post is from Susan at the Saf Affect.  This is a very special recipe that has been handed down for generations.  She’s posted some more background about the recipe and some more photos here.

Guest Blogger: Susan at the Saf Afffect

About me: A marketing professional with an interior design background, I live my passion for design through searching Toronto (or any place I visit) for inspirational and affordable finds at design stores, flea markets, thrift shops, and rummage sales, reupholstering furniture or constructing a piece that I just couldn’t find, daily reading of design blogs and shelter mags, and providing consultation on interior design projects. Cooking is another creative outlet and trying new cuisines is a conduit for adventure for me. It is a rarity that I take a vacation without travelling somewhere, and my travels are always centred on my passions.

What is your holiday décor theme/favorite holiday décor item? I like using unexpected colours in holiday decor. I’m not a red person. I don’t own a stitch of red clothing, I have nothing red in my decor. The past couple of Christmases I’ve used bright pink, blue, and lime green in my holiday decor, even matching the icing on my cookies to these colours!

What is your favorite holiday tradition? I am of Slovak decent and we always have a traditional 12-course meatless dinner on Christmas Eve, including perogies, many fish dishes and mushroom sauerkraut barley soup made from my grandmother’s recipe.

What movie is a must for the holiday season? I’m all about the retro holiday cartoons and stop-motion animated specials. I never miss hearing Linus’ Christmas story soliloquy in A Charlie Brown Christmas and I often find myself singing along to ‘Silver and Gold’ and ‘The Island of Misfit Toys’ in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Why did you choose this recipe? This retro 1950s recipe for cinnamon star cookies is my absolute favourite Christmas cookie. I’m a fiend for cinnamon and each time I bite into one of these cookies, fond memories of childhood Christmases are conjured. My mother made these every year, poking a hole in some to hang on the tree, simply decorated with silver balls, and deliciously decorating the rest with butter-cream icing in festive colours.

Ingredients & Instructions


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One Response to Twelve Days of Cookies Guest Post – Day Six

  1. Wow, these are so cute!



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