Twelve Days of Cookies Guest Post – Day Ten

Dipped Oreo Cookies

Today’s guest post is from Sarah at Boutique Insipirations.  She’ s new to the blog world and has translated her fabulous taste to her posts.  She is sharing a delicious recipe for the holidays that is pretty AND easy to make!

Guest Blogger: Sarah from (It’s a work in progress)!

About me: My day job involves marketing boy wizards and superheroes DVDs. My hobbies include crafts, downward dog and carrying a passport. And my guilty pleasures consist of vino, turkish delight and gossip blogs.

What is your holiday décor theme/favorite holiday décor item?
I go vintage with my holiday decor. I have two angel statues that were my grandmother’s and sat on her mantle every year. They are from the 40’s and became my inspiration for going with pastel blues and greens on my white faux tree. And I like to mix things up. A feathered boa makes a really bright and textured tree garland!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
When the Christmas morning photos were developed in 1985 and revealed a little Sarah opening presents in a worn out, oversized hand-me-down t-shirt, my Mom decided that from then on, we would get new pajamas on Christmas eve to wear. At 30 – I can still expect a new set of flannel pj’s before bed. Picture perfect!

What movie is a must for the holiday season? It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching Ralphie wish for a Red Ryder BB Gun. A Christmas Story is classic and I’ve heard it might be coming to Broadway!

Why did you choose this recipe? I’m much better at eating sweets than baking them and at this time of year I don’t have time to hit the kitchen for a day of rolling shortbread. I love this recipe because it makes something amazing – like an Oreo cookie – even better. It is inexpensive, quick and looks really delicious.


Molding Chocolate (vegetable oil based)
16 Oreo cookies
Wax paper
Microwave proof bowls


  1. Lay wax paper out on your work surface, and remove cookies from their packaging, removing or eating any broken ones.
  2. Melt molding chocolate in a microwave safe bowl on medium heat. Microwave for 1 minute the first time and then for 20 second increments until chocolate is almost melted. Remove from microwave and stir till last small pieces are melted.
  3. Drop an Oreo in the bowl of chocolate, and flip it over with your tongs.
  4. Lift your cookie out of the chocolate with the tongs.
  5. Place the cookie on the wax paper and allow the cookies to dry till solid. At least 10-15 minutes.
  6. To decorate the cookies you can either melt more coloured chocolate (I used green Misty Mints in a pinch) and put it in a plastic baggie with a small corner cut off like an icing bag. Or you can use decorative icing or sprinkles. Whatever you fancy!

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