Twelve Days of Cookies Guest Post – Day Eleven

To Bake or to buy?

Today’s guest post is from Michelle from Lipstick Rules.  She has some great ideas for those of us who aren’t always like “Martha” in the kitchen.  Which means most of us….

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Guest Blogger: Michelle from

About me: Wife. Mother. Lipstick Junkie. I love to cook but am challenged when it comes to baking.

What is your holiday décor theme/favorite holiday décor item? My favorite holiday décor theme is the traditional red and green with a touch of silver and sparkle.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? My favorite holiday tradition is setting out cookies and milk for Santa with my kids before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

What movie is a must for the holiday season? Hands down it is A Christmas Story.

When Emilija asked me to participate in The Home Slice’s 12 Days of Holiday Cookies/Holiday Treats I had a bit of a panic attack. I’m not a baker. Never have been and doubt that I ever will be. There’s just something about the preciseness of baking that frustrates me every time. I prefer the freedom of cooking where you can throw a little bit of this here and little bit of that there, and you can’t really go too wrong.

When I first had my kids I remember thinking that I would take up baking and become that mother who made special treats for school, and baked cookies for all the major holidays. In reality, not so much. Luckily my kids have taken it in stride and do applaud my efforts at ‘creative’ baking, which for the most part means, adding my own touches to store-bought treats or baking-from-a-box.

Pillsbury, for example, has become one of my baking BFFs. The company’s chocolate chip cookies and holiday treats make me feel like I’m baking – I just add my own touches to the cookies like sprinkles.

In fact, let’s just say if you’re like me, invest in sprinkles of all shapes and colours. They will make whatever it is you are serving look like you’ve slaved away in the kitchen for hours. I like to add them to store-bought cupcakes and to add some pizzazz to cakes. It’s also a great way to get your kids to participate in the decorating process.

I also indulge in ‘baking from boxes.’ Cake mixes today are so yummy and easy to do. To add my own touch, I make my own icing (yes this I can do!) or add my own touch to the mixes like adding fruit or chocolate chips. Easy stuff but it makes a difference.

So this Holiday season, don’t sweat it if you aren’t a baker. Just take a deep breath and sprinkle away.

Check out some of these neat holiday sprinkles!

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