IDS Sneak Peak

Earlier today I had the chance to take a sneak peak at this year’s Interior Design Show here in Toronto.  Shauna Levy, the show’s organizer gave us a guided tour of the “construction zone” that by tomorrow night will be a showcase of the latest design trends and products.

What I loved about this morning was the chance to see the “work in progress”.  This is what is great about design shows and some of the blogs I read – you get to see how they get to the end point.

My favorite thing from this morning was the change to get to speak with the Sibling Revelry designers (Glenn Dixon, Jason Dressler, My and Thien Ta Trung, Sarah and Theo Richardson – and Tommy was there too…)  as they finished their spaces – this is a MUST SEE for the show if you’re planning to visit this week.  The concept with this part of the show is to have four of Canada’s most creative siblings to partner into transforming 600 sq. ft. of space into their own unique statement of design.  There are a a few sneak peak photos below and more on’s Facebook page.  Are you planning on visiting the show this weekend?  Do you have any must-sees?

{ Media and Bloggers before our tour! I’m in the back row on the right side end…  }

{ A few construction photos }

{Glenn (above) and David Dixon}
{ Brothers Dressler }

{ My and Thien Ta Trung }

{ Sarah and Theo Richardson }

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3 Responses to IDS Sneak Peak

  1. Fun pics!
    Love that blue end table!


  2. It was so great seeing you yesterday…such a fun experience!

  3. thehomeslice says:

    Thanks Carrie – the blue table certainly caught my eye – I love the brigh colour!

    Shannon – it was so nice to see you in person! Have fun at the rest of the events!



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