Foto Friday – Mud Rooms

A few weeks ago I posted about built-in benches – something that is perfect for a mud room.  I think this is the direction we’re going with our little nook.  Here are a few inspiration photos of some lovely mud rooms that I’ve found. We’ll have to modify because our room has tons of windows but the general concept will be similar – good storage space and lovely décor.

{ Stagetecture }

{ Apartment Therapy }

{ Baker Hill Homes }

{ Custom Cabinetry and Millwork }

{ High Street Market }

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One Response to Foto Friday – Mud Rooms

  1. biteintothis says:

    Emi – I really liked this post because a mud room is often something you don’t think about creating or having in your home. Now I wish that I had one, espicially in the winter with the dog and trying dry her off and all the wet boots! I love how these are designed and I think in the future when I have children, I will most likely model my “mud room” after one of these. Great Friday post!


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