Our new bedroom light fixture

As a part of our bedroom revamp we finally have replaced the main light fixture.  When we first moved in the fixture was a simple dome, which we thought was dirty BUT really had this paint splatter special effect – let’s call it less than charming.  We removed that months ago but and now have a lovely globe pendant from West Elm.

We love the new fixture – it fits well with the space and although it took us a bit of time to install (it came with about seven feet cord that we needed to trim so it made figuring out the length a bit challenging) it was worth it.  Photos below!

{ Looks really high in this photo but it actually sits a bit lower }{ Close up! }{ With the stripes… }

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3 Responses to Our new bedroom light fixture

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  2. Gorgeous! I love that pendant!

  3. Christine says:

    ooo! I’ve been eying up this pendant for a while now. Love it! Can’t wait to see it in the finished room!


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