Master Bedroom Headboad – Sneak Peak

When we first moved in one of the top things on ourwish list was a headboard/bedframe.  At first everywhere we looked we found something we loved but it all came with a bit of a hefty price tag and then it slowly moved down the priority list.

Then, this summer we came across a shop that made custom headboards and frames and found exactly what we were looking for for almost half the price – fantastic right?  And the best part – you pick the style and the fabric (which you supply yourself – this helps cut costs).

The biggest challenge after finding the right headboard was the fabric – we wanted a white-on-white pattern.  This was no simple task.  Everything we found was too bright, too bland, too shiny.  Finally we found “the one” at Designer Fabrics – a nice white damask print.  The challenge continues…they didn’t have enough fabric in stock.  Reassured by the store clerk that the new shipment would arrive in two weeks we decided to wait it out until the fabric arrived instead of looking for somethign new.  Three months later it finally arrived…

Over the holiday break we dropped off the fabric and chose our final finishings and we should have it all in six to eight weeks, which is coming up soon.   We should have it in a few weeks!  I can’t wait!  For now here is a sneak peak at the fabric and style of the headboard below!  Happy Family Day!



{ A close-up of the pattern }


{ A king size version of our headboard – ours will be smaller with a bit of a higher peak in the middle }

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5 Responses to Master Bedroom Headboad – Sneak Peak

  1. Love the shape of the headboard! The final product will be great.

  2. Deanna says:

    Beautiful! What is the name of the place that is making your headboard?

  3. thehomeslice says:

    Thanks Connie – I can’t wait to finally see it!!!

    Deanna – JH Johnson has a custom upholstery dept. and they’ve started to do headboards. So far it has been an awesome process!

  4. Looks great! The shape is perfect.

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