Beach Lounge Décor

Well I’m back from a week’s long vacation in Turk and Caicos and this cold snowy weather has me longing for some more beach time!  While we were in TCI we had dinner at the Gansevoort Hotel’s restaurant Bagatelle Bistrot.  What I loved about the hotel was the simple but modern décor in the lounge areas.  Simple, neutral colours with a punch of colour.  Here are a few photos below – definitely a look you could translate for the patio this Spring.

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2 Responses to Beach Lounge Décor

  1. biteintothis says:

    when we were in the Turks last January we went to the Gansevoort also and it is honestly one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been too! These pictures are making me long for a beach destination today as well, and the fact that it’s -20 in March! Welcome home!

  2. I was in Turks in Caicos during Christmas and I LOVED it!! I didn’t go to this hotel, but it looks gorgeous! I love the bright pops of orange against the bright blue water!


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