Foto Friday – Feathers

How do you feel about feathers?  I remember an episode of trading spaces from long ago when Hildy covered an entire wall with feathers glued on by hand… It was pretty crazy.  Lately I’ve been seeing feather inspired home décor items on everything from wall paper to coffee pots.  Here are a few things with a bit of feather inspiration.  What do you think – would your décor ever be feather inspired?

{ Style at Home }

{ Style at Home }

{ Etsy }

{ White Cabana }

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5 Responses to Foto Friday – Feathers

  1. Kate says:

    I think that Teapot is awesome!!

  2. I love feathers! When I saw that last home in a mag they had a yellow feather wreath on the wall which was great for a good pop of colour.

  3. thehomeslice says:

    Thanks ladies!! I love things that are taking on a feather persona but aren’t actually feathers. I also like the softness that using actual feathers can bring. Funny enough, I have no feathers anywhere in our home… Might have to change that…

  4. I love the JuJu hats. I have seen them in other colours and really loved them! I’m all for feathers….except a wall covered in feathers 🙂

  5. Allergen says:

    What do you think about fake feathers? I have a feather allergy and prefer to keep my home a feather-free zone.


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