Foto Friday – the French Café

I don’t know if it the fabulous warm weather or if it because I’m meeting up with a friend from Europe this weekend but I’ve been thinking how fantastic it would be spend the afternoon in a café or on a patio….  Reminds me of the days pre-work while I was still living in Europe and you could pop around the corner and sit outside for the afternoon.  Enjoy your weekend and today’s Foto Friday!


{ The Design Dish }

{ Store Front Windows }

{ Trek Earth }

{ This is the Roi des Belges – one of my most favorite spots in Brussels – many an afternoon have been spent here with good friends and even some great Belgian beer }

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One Response to Foto Friday – the French Café

  1. Lunch with Mary says:

    I would love to hang out at the Roi des Belges. That place looks awesome and I would feel very mature and sophisticated.


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