Signs of Spring – What’s Up Whimsy

Today’s guest post is from Shannon at What’s Up Whimsy. I totally agree with her first sign of spring – flowers!!  I planted some bulbs in the fall and now it it time to wait until they start to sprout through the ground….



p.s. (Scroll down for the first post in the series from Jennifer at Rambling Renovators).

I think the biggest Sign of Spring  for me is being able to bring the outdoors in. The early bloomers – tulps, daffodils, forsythia, magnolias, etc. – are the perfect addition to your home, after the winter snow melts and the ground thaws. This will be my first Spring with a garden, so I am planning on making full use of it and surrounding my home with fresh flowers.

{ Southern Living }

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3 Responses to Signs of Spring – What’s Up Whimsy

  1. Thanks for having me Emilija! Great series!

  2. Tulips especially always remind me of spring!

  3. thehomeslice says:

    Hi Connie – I love tulips as well! This year I’d like to try something with flowering branches like the photo shows – so pretty and I feel like they’ll last longer than tulips! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Shannon – thanks so much for the mini-post – making it feel like Spring even though it is rainy!


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