Foto Friday – Chevron Curtains

For those of you new to the blog, every Friday I share some inspiration photos of things I come across, that I’m thinking about, or items on my wish list…  I call it Foto Friday!

Lately I’ve been looking at fabrics for curtains and I can’t help but love chevron prints.  This kind of print is fabulous for everything from curtains, to pillows even chairs.  Since curtains are on my mind I thought I’d share a few photos of some that I’ve found online…

What do you think of the Chevron print?  Would you use it?  On what?

{ Left Coast  Luxe }

{ Decor Pad }

{ Brookly and Lu }

{ A Year Without }

{ Erin Williamson }

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3 Responses to Foto Friday – Chevron Curtains

  1. MummyMaggie says:

    I absolutely love chevrons. I painted them on my dining room wall:

    and then I couldn’t get enough, so I painted them on stretched canvas in my family rm:

  2. thehomeslice says:

    WOW Maggie – that is some amazing work on that wall!!! And I thought painting stripes was hard… It looks FABULOUS!!! I also love the canvases…Good project!!

  3. I have been dreaming about those yellow chevron curtains in the first picture since I saw them in Lonny Mag months ago. I wonder where she got that fabric from??

    And I checked out Maggie’s chevron wall – incredible!!


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