Sunday Morning Disaster DIY

Yesterday before breakfast I had the urge to take a look at some old frames that I’m planning on using for a DIY project.  The frames originally belonged to my mom’s aunt and have a series of embroidered pieces of art in them right now.   I’m thinking of using one in a mirror project for our bedroom.  When I pulled them out yesterday to check out the size I wanted to see how easy it was to pop out the existing art so I could measure the dimensions.  The embroidery was covered by a layer of plastic, or what looked like plastic.  When I pushed on the “plastic” it turned out to be glass…  Now it looks like I punched a hole through a window – I’ve got the cuts to prove it AND all before I had a coffee.  Total DIY fail.  Check out the  “after” shots of the frame – stay tuned for the actual project!!

{ Frame post-smash up –}

{ A more detailed look –}

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7 Responses to Sunday Morning Disaster DIY

  1. Oh no!! Definitely not something you want to happen on a Sunday morning. Once you get the courage to start up the project again, I think those frames are going to look amazing as a mirror!

  2. thehomeslice says:

    I am so excited to finish the project – I think it might involve some paint – and I’m horribly indecisive on the colour. Might be because have yet to choose some of the other key components for the room… Soon! I’m dying for a proper mirror in there 🙂

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