Front Porch Lamps

Last summer we updated out front porch with a new mailbox and we added some chairs.  The only “old” item left is the light fixture – which is ok but not fabulous and doesn’t really match the newer items.  We wanted to find something that was glass and has a a hurricane style design.  Check out a few that we’re considering below.

{ Home Depot }

{ Restoration Hardware }

{ Restoration Hardware }

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3 Responses to Front Porch Lamps

  1. Greg says:

    Option 2 gets my vote

  2. Donnette says:

    I’m with Greg. Option #2.

  3. thehomeslice says:

    @Greg – thanks for the vote!

    @Donnette – I like that one too!!

    I’ll keep you posted on the one we choose!


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