Foto Friday – Bunting

I love bunting.  I’ve been thinking about making my own for a party we’re having later this summer and this week I popped into Fabricland (the one at Bloor and Yonge is closing and everything is 50% off) and picked up some fabulous fabrics.  Now I just have to get to work.  Here are some bunting flags for inspiration!  Have a lovely weekend!

{ Lushlee }

{ BettyandBarclay }

{ Darcy Eden }

{ HGTV }

{ FaSewLaStitches }

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4 Responses to Foto Friday – Bunting

  1. NicoleABigioni says:

    These are so lovely! I made something similar once but it wasn’t half as nice.

  2. kristen says:

    me too! I’m always looking for a reason to make one!!!

  3. liana says:

    i’m such a fan of bunting as well. so lovely and simple


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