Bedroom Update – new bedding

When it comes to home decor I love thinking about all the options for a room.  I’m no designer but I’m starting to have a good idea of what I like, trying to make the right choices as we pull together our own look for our house.  This is a work in progress when it comes to our bedroom.

When we moved into the house the room was a weird shade of white, tinted with pink.  It was ok for a few months but the light made me crave dark and as you know we painted our walls navy, with an accent wall of navy and white horizontal stripes.  I was hoping to add a pop of colour with some bright green bedding (you can check out the options here) but I didn’t find anything that was the right fit, both from a colour perspective and to match the headboard that we had custom made.  So instead of our original plan (you can check out the mood board here) we decided to try something new for the bedding instead of the green.

A few weeks ago we purchased the Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet in charcoal grey and matching sheets from West Elm.  They are a bit different than the splash of colour we were looking for but we’re hoping to incorporate that in another way.  (Did I mention that I LOVE them) You can check them out for yourself here:

{ West Elm }

I’m going to start working on a moodboard with a few new elements for our bedroom.  The plan is to try and finish up everything before the end of the summer – fingers crossed!  I’ll keep you posted on our plans!

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