Help us choose a paint colour!

A few months ago I found some bedside tables at HomeSense that fit perfectly in our bedroom.  I had been searching for a long time to find something narrow enough to fit in between the door and bed on one side and the closet door and bed on the other side.  The catch was the one of the tables was a bit damaged and oh wait, they were the wrong colour. (Which is ok, because I’m not afraid of paint or refinishing after last year’s staycation project).

Now that the base decor for the bedroom is on its way to being finished it is time to deal with those tables.  We wanted to add some bright colour to the room because everything else is navy, white or grey.  Adding that punch of colour will add some brightness and a little character.  Yesterday we picked up a few paint chips and now we just need to decide – so I thought I’d enlist your help.  I’ve included some photos I took this morning on my phone of the table and the paint chips – vote below to help us choose. I currently have two favorites, one that was a bit unexpected.  Let me know what you think!!



So let’s vote! (all colours are Benjamin Moore and appear in the poll in the same order as in the photos)

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9 Responses to Help us choose a paint colour!

  1. Liana says:

    you know it’s funny, at first i was going to go with the green – but orange is calling at me! love all the colours, but orange gets my vote

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is tough. I love both the magenta and basil green. But I’m going to go with pink to change things up a bit. Plus it’s my favourite colour!!!!! Pink, pink, pink….

  3. eyeseepretty says:

    I like the brights and my favourite would be the orange. If it were me, I’d go for a metallic paint. Maybe a really rich champagne or a lovely gold shade.


  4. thehomeslice says:

    @Liana – I totally get the draw of the orange!

    @Jenn – This raspberry colour is pretty fabulous – love it!

    @Amy – I was actually thinking a metallic as well and I totally forgot about it once I was at the paint store! I’m going to check a few options before we make our final decision

  5. I am really digging green these days. And I like how the navy blue, white and green has a “preppy” look to it

  6. Donnette says:

    I was instantly drawn to the magenta. Since it’s for a BR the magenta is too much of a shocker. So I’m going w/the delicious looking basil green.

  7. Donnette says:

    Oh wait, my apologies. I read it incorrectly. This is for the bedside tables. In that case…MAGENTA ALLLL THE WAY!

  8. thehomeslice says:

    @ Shannon – the green was my first choice and then when i got to the paint store I started getting distracted by other colours! I do love the “preppy” feel though!

    @ Donnette – Thank you! I love the magenta too – I’m drawn to that deep raspberry-ish brightness of it! My husband is a bit against “pink” but this colour is so great that even he is considering it!


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