Today is Bake-N-Blog party day!  Staci over at Inspired By Life is hosting this cookie baking blogfest.  So how does it work?  Those participating chose a cookie recipe from Taste Spotting, we all baked and now we are posting the recipes and the end result.

For my cookie I went with key lime pie cookies.  Sound delish right?  I was a little nervous to try a cookie with filling since I’ve never done this before. Surprisingly it was pretty easy.  I followed the recipe and they turned out pretty great.  The only hard part was adding the icing sugar to the icing.  The recipe called for “a couple of cups”…  I wasn’t sure of this meant two or four or more?  I think I ended up in the middle somewhere.  The cookies ended up tasting great, I LOVED the lime but found them a little sweet.

Here is a look at how they turned out:



If you can believe it, these cookies were actually better the next day.  I brought them to work and they quickly disappeared.  You can check out all the Bake-N-Blog recipes here (just scroll down to the end of the post).  Lots of fabulous cookies to try!  Ready to start your own baking?

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6 Responses to Bake-N-Blog

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow, they look great and sound delicious!

  2. Between the lemon cookies Staci made and your lime cookies, I’m really starting to drool! I love lime as much as I love lemon, so I’m going to have to add these cookies to my “must make” cookie list too 🙂 I’ve never made a cookie with filling before either – good to hear that it isn’t hard to do. Enjoy your cookies!

  3. Yum, they look delish! And I love the milk carton – Too cute!
    Thanks for participating!

  4. thehomeslice says:

    @ Nicole – thank you, they were pretty great!

    @Kelly – they were actually pretty easy!! and better the next day once the cookies got softened by the filling!

    @Staci – such a great idea! Happy to have an excuse to bake!!

  5. katew5050 says:

    They look so perfect, so professional – I am impressed !

  6. Brianne says:

    Yeah Key Lime anything always seems to be too sweet for me too. Look like yours turned out great.


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