Design Dilemma

One of the ongoing design dilemmas I have about “in between decor”.  You know when you have a space and you know it needs something but you’re not ready to take on a whole major project?  You are then faced with sticking with what you have or trying to  find an “in between” solution.

I have lots of these.  Right now the one I’m focusing on is our dining room. With Thanksgiving coming up soon I need to figure out how I can host a sit-down (I won’t compromise on this part) dinner for about twelve people.  Yep, twelve.  Currently our dining room table sits four, maybe six.  I love our dining room set.  It was my grandmother’s and when I moved out to my first post-university apartment my Dad and I refinished the table, hutch and chairs (which I recovered) – but that was quite a few years ago now.  The set has gone through lots of use, has survived a move and there is a little wear and tear.  Not to mention, I’m ready for an update.

One day we plan to decorate the dining room from top to bottom, but since is this still our first few years in the house this is on the long-term project list.  So what do you do in the meantime?  I got an e-mail about a dining room sale from one of the bigger home decor stores.  In it I saw a great dining table, affordable price, bigger in size – do I buy it as an inbetween solution?  But then I’ll need new chairs right? And the hutch won’t match…  Slippery slope right?  Or maybe I use my new paint sprayer and give things a fresh coat of paint? Recover the chairs?

I’m all about interim decor solutions to make things work but maybe not for the dining room?  What would you do?  Have you had this kind of decor dilemma?


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2 Responses to Design Dilemma

  1. eyeseepretty says:

    Personally, I would either buy (or rent) a large folding table, cover it with a great long tablecloth and use that for Thanksgiving. Again you can either buy some mismatched chairs at a thrift store or rent some folding chairs for a consistent look. I have been a victim to the ‘in between’ solutions before myself and am never happy with how it turns out. Maybe you can use your original dining table as a servery? I find that when I wait for something I love I am never disappointed with the results…


    • thehomeslice says:

      Hi Amy! I have a few folding tables so I’m going to try that! AND using the dining table as a buffet table is the plan – I think I’m going to put it in our kitchen nook. About those ‘in between’ solutions…. I find that in the long run I’m never happy with things. I just need to suck it up and wait or go for it!!! – Emilija


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