Beer Tasting Party

I figure now that we’re into fall it’s time to finish sharing some things from the summer…  For my husband’s birthday we hosted a beer tasting party.  I’ve been delinquent in sharing the details because I actually didn’t take as many photos as I thought.  The party was fabulous, we had an amazing time and there were lots of little fun details.  You can check some of them out here:

Some of my favorite things from the party:

  • Guinness Birthday Cake: My husband’s favorite beer and his favorite cake (carrot ).  It was so delicious, the unexpected thing was that the black icing left everyone with dark lips – it was a bit hilarious.  I did not attempt to make this myself, all credit goes to the fabulous team at Bakesale.
  • Beer pretzels:  So delish – you can find my post about them here.
  • Beer Bottle Signage: I DID make these myself and it was so easy.  I took some clear beer bottles, taped out a square and spray painted the front with some chalkboard paint.  Instant customizable signage.
  • Tasting Passports: Stacie at Girl in Gear Studio made the fabulous beer passports. After tasting beers at each station everyone punched out that type of beer with hole punches in fun shapes.
  • Bunting decor: A fun DIY project.
It was really a great party and I would highly recommend a beer tasting for a fun get together with friends.  It is easy to pull together and so many different things you can do to add those personal touches.
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