Cozy pillows and throws from Indigo

Did you all have a nice weekend??  Fall is definitely here!  I love this season, although I would be happy if the sun came out just a little bit more.

On Friday I posted about this cozy chair and throw pillows.  Then this weekend when I popped into Chapters/Indigo I saw these:

{ }

Cute right?  All these fun, cozy decor elements are popping up all over the place.  It is perfect because the temperature has definitely dropped and it is time for sweaters, hot drinks and getting snuggled up in a nice blanket.  Speaking of blankets…I also saw this at Chapters, similar look and super soft.

{ Chapters/Indigo }

There are not really my typical style but I can see how they would work in all kinds of different spaces.  A cosy TV room, reading nook, office, cottage…  Lots of options for coziness!

What decor elements do you add to make your space cozy for the fall/winter?

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