Foto Friday Special Edition: The Delicious Food Show

Friday is here!!!  Personally I can’t wait for the weekend.  The last couple of weeks have been super busy with day-job work (which is why I’m writing this post before I jet out to work this morning).  I’m ready for a break!

Today’s Foto Friday will provide you of a snapshot of the Delicious Food Show happening here in Toronto this weekend.  I was lucky to attend the opening night party last night and thought it was pretty great.  For the first year of the show you expect a bit of a mix and match but there were some fabulous vendors serving delicious treats like cupcakes (check out the truck!), chocolate with bacon, waffles, oysters – I could go on forever.  It was also a chance to learn about some new products and ask questions (the foodie in me LOVED this).  The expert at the Breville booth explained to me how I can stop making mush every single time I try and use my food processor – that alone made the night a success in my books.  You can check out the details about the show here.

p.s.  I didn’t purposely only take pictures of sweets but they had the prettiest displays!





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4 Responses to Foto Friday Special Edition: The Delicious Food Show

  1. Nicole says:

    Great photos! It was a lot of fun and great food!

  2. Yolaine says:

    Nice photos…so how do you stop and make mush when you use your food processor?


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