Designing with Light

I know that lighting is important when designing a space but since I’m not a designer I’m no expert on a how to use lighting to enhance the decor of a space.  Luckily, a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to learn a little bit more about how to use lighting from HGTV host and designer Samantha Pynn and Phillips.

Here are a few tips that I learned:

  • You should use multiple light sources in a room and make sure they have dimmers so you can create different looks
  • Place your lights at different heights
  • Use different kinds of fixtures (pendants, recessed, sconces, table, floor, and desk lamps) a good mix will have more of an effect
All of this sounds like common sense but sometimes you just need someone to point it out.  I realized I don’t nearly have enough light sources in most of my space!  I’m looking forward to adding some new lighting pieces to the mix.  You can check out this great example of what to do by checking out the space Sam Pynn designed for the event.
Pretty fab looking set-up right? And, can you believe that all the lights are LED?  That means they are super energy efficient and last for ages – so you don’t need to worry about switching them too often.  I want the floor lamp on the far left….
p.s.  you can check out more on LED lighting here
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One Response to Designing with Light

  1. What great pointers. We’re in the midst of sorting out the lighting for our new place. Thanks!


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