I heart this Dwell Studio coffee table

We’re in between projects over here right now.  It’s been a busy time for us with day job work and the holidays are almost here – so we’ve been taking a bit of a break.  I’m starting to get more into scouting ideas for projects for the New Year.  There are tons we want to get done, some painting (living, dining, hallway, stairway), finally start our diy bench for our nook and a couple of other things.  We’re in no rush for anything but its fun to think of the possibilities.

One item that totally wasn’t on our list of immediate things we need and that I’ve fallen in love with is this Dwell Studio coffee table.  How great would it be for entertaining with that extra space?!  I think I might need to check it out in store some time soon…

 { Avedon Nesting Coffee Tables }

 { Avedon Nesting Coffee Tables }

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2 Responses to I heart this Dwell Studio coffee table

  1. What a great coffee table! I love how big or small it can be – very accomodating!

  2. Liana says:

    Love these! I think nesting tables as a coffee table are such a great idea, and something you don’t see too often. Also love in this neutral shade.


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