A console table for the living room?

The other day I got to thinking about adding layers to our living room.  There is still some space to fill but we’ve been waiting to find the right pieces.  I was thought that  maybe adding a console table would be a fit table so I took  a peek online to see what I’d find.

To start, this is the corner/wall I’m thinking of:

The table would go behind the chair and provide a nice place for display, a little storage and another layer of decor.  It’s funny, I always see great console tables on other blogs and in magazines but when I went looking I didn’t find a huge list of ones I loved.  I’ve included two options below –  my favorite is the first one.  What do you think?

{ Clairemont Demilune Console Table @ Crate & Barrel }

{ Tanner Console Table (without the stools) @ Pottery Barn }

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One Response to A console table for the living room?

  1. I love the idea of adding a console table. We’re currently having some issues trying to furnish our family room, and I think this is a great idea, something to consider. The first one is great!


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