Mirror Revamp

A couple of months ago I posted about this fabulous frame and how I wanted to make it into a mirror for our bedroom.  There were a few steps to making this happen.  First, I had to get rid of the existing needlepoint (which wasn’t as easy as it seems since it was glued and nailed in).  Then I had a mirror cut and installed at Gerrard Glass and Mirror.  The team there was great and it was really affordable.  Then it was time to paint.  We primed with a tinted primer and then painted using a metallic silver paint from Benjamin Moore.

Here are a couple of photos of the step-by-step and the end result!!


{ Frame primed and ready for metallic paint }

{ Taped and painted… }

{ The end result!! }

I am super happy with how it turned out and how this little DIY project makes me smile as I get ready in the mornings. And you can see a sneak peak of our bedroom curtains!!  Will share those soon!

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