Paint Colour – the HomeSlice Nursery Picks

The great part about  starting the nursery is that we have a blank slate.  The bedroom we’re using has pretty much been empty other than a dresser so it will be easy to add things.  Also, the previous owners painted the room white so adding some colour will be simple.

This is what the room looked like when we started:

For the nursery our colour palette is simple and neutral with punches of colour.  We’ve decided to paint the walls a light grey (Benjamin Moore Whitestone) and leave the trim and accents white.  That way we don’t need to paint the shutters in the room.  The plan is to add some fun, bright colours in our choice of fabrics and accessories.

Here is the room with its new coat of paint!

It is not a super drastic change but the colour does look a bit darker than in the photos.  Now we can start thinking about what’s going in the room!

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2 Responses to Paint Colour – the HomeSlice Nursery Picks

  1. Greg says:

    The silver colour sure is a contrast with the white baseboards. Looks great.

  2. biteintothis says:

    looks great! Planning the nursery for Jamieson was so exciting and I loved watching the room change over time. Happy decorating!


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