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Imagine what you could do with 15 gallons of paint?  That is what I’ve been dreaming about all weekend long…  As a part of Blog Podium, PARA Paints is holding a search for five bloggers to become a part of the Para Paints Blog Crew.  These lucky five bloggers will get access to 15 gallons of fabulous PARA Paint for a year’s worth of projects.   Amazing right?

Since I’ll be on mat leave for a year (starting shortly!) I’ve been thinking more about the projects I want to tackle while I’m off work that will make the house cozier and more polished.  We haven’t painted a ton since we’ve moved in so most spaces are still the same neutrals that the previous owner used to paint when they staged the house for sale.  I would love to add some more personality with some painting projects.  This weekend I headed down to my local hardware store to peruse the PARA Paint chips and think about the possibilities.  Here are a couple of projects and paint colours I’d start with:

Sultry & Sleek – Living Room & Dining Room

Our living room and dining room needs an update.  The colours are neutral but we didn’t choose them.  I’d love to pick out some new colours to accent the separation between the upper and lower parts of the wall that are separated by the original trim in both rooms AND ensure there is continuity in the space.

Here’s where we’re at now:

And these are the shades that caught my eye:

Shaved Coconut for the Living Room:

Coco Butter for the Dining Room:

Pina Colada for above the rail in both rooms:

Designer Palette – Sarah Richardson Classics For a Backyard Shed

Right now our outdoor shed is a faded minty green colour.  Not really the first colour you think of when you think of a cute little backyard shed right?  I’d love to paint the shed a classic barn colour – a nice rich red or a dark forest green.  With white accents how cute would that look?

Here’s where we’re at now:

And these are the two Shades (from Sarah Richardson’s Para Paints Designer Palette) that caught my eye:



Natural Classics – Updating the Front Porch

When we moved in we got rid of a old roof and slowly started to change the outdoor colour palette for our home.  We started by choosing a natural colour palette for the roof and then the plan is to update the colours on the front porch and then the siding (longer term project).  We also suspect that the paint on the front porch might not be exterior paint, since it is not holding up very well… Which means we will definitely need to paint in the next year.

Here’s where we’re at now:

And these are the shades that caught my eye:

Roasting Stick:

Bench Seat:

Now these are only a couple of projects that could use a coat of Para Paint. Stay tuned to the blog after next weekend for a full Blog Podium update and for the list of bloggers in the Para Paint Blog Crew!
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2 Responses to PARA Paints Blog Crew

  1. Liana says:

    these are all fabulous ideas! love the paint choices. i will however be interested to see how much time you actually have to paint when you have a new baby LOL

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