Blog Podium, Para Paints Blog Crew, HomeSlice Updates

Hello!  We’re settling in with our little homeslice and will be getting back to a normal blogging schedule over the next few weeks.  Lots of exciting things coming up on the blog but before we get into those details a bit of a recap of the last month for you.

Before our surprise arrival I attended Blog Podium – an awesome get together of bloggers and brands in Toronto.  Lots of great tips for blogging, a chance to meet some interesting companies and of course spend some time in person with some of my favorite bloggers. I won’t do a full recap of the event but you can check out some other blog reviews by clicking on the “Press” section here.

You might also remember that PARA Paints held a contest for Blog Podium attendees for a chance to win paint for an entire year!  For my entry I wrote about a couple of painting projects that I would love to tackle if I had access to some great paint.  The fabulous news is that  along with Shannon and Robin from Hoopla!, Brittany at My Daily Randomness, Meagan at Row House Nest,  and Kelly at Jax Decor I was chosen  to be a part of the PARA Paints Blog Crew!  Now it is time to start thinking about which painting project we’ll try first…

Other than that we’ve been  busy putting the final touches on the nursery and spending time with our little one.  We were lucky that most things were finished before she arrived but we are waiting for a few little things to arrive in the mail.  A full reveal of all the details will come in early July but stay tuned later this week for details on our Monte nursery chair.

Enjoy your week!

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