Homeslice Pinterest Project: Painted Mason Jar Vase

I saw these fabulous painted mason jars and painted glass vases on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to make my own.We had a family celebration earlier this fall so I decided to paint my own set of jars to use as vases for the centerpieces.  This project turned out really well so I thought I’d give you a short step-by-step look at how I pulled it off.

Step 1 – Choose your container (I used mason jars but you could use any clear glass container) and your paint.  The colour I used was Menthol Mist by Para Paints (P5032-34).

Step 2 – Pour the paint into the jar and put on the lid.

Step 3 – Shake, shake, shake! You need to make sure that the inside is completely coated in paint.  Once the inside is covered in paint pour out the remaining paint into the next jar (or back in the paint can).

Step 4 – Let it dry.  This took about a day or so to dry since the paint coating was really thick.  If you are planning on using as a vase you need to make sure the paint is completely dry before you add water.

Step 5 – Enjoy!!

* Paints for this project were provided by Para Paints as a part of my participation in the Para Paints Blog Crew.  I have not been compensated for this post and all opinions expressed are my own.

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