Around here this summer

Now that summer is finally here we’ve been taking it easy, relaxing and spending lots of time outside.  With no major house projects on the go, the focus has been on the little things.

I picked up a fabulous new door mat to spruce up the front porch, we’ve been enjoying chats around our backyard fire pit (don’t you just love those moose cutouts?), I’ve added some baskets in the living room (to hide the baby toys) and made batches of yummy berry jam.

How have you been enjoying summer so far?

– Emilija


(1) Key Door Mat from Target (2) Canadiana-inspired fire pit from PC Home* (3) Fabulous HomeSense basket (4) Making freezer jam – yummy!

*DISCLAIMER: Loblaw Companies Ltd. is a client of the firm for which I work. I am in no way obligated to share or promote President’s Choice products. I’ve done so here because I love the product.

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3 Responses to Around here this summer

  1. I’ve never seen such a cute firepit! Summer has been good here on the East Coast. Lots of sunshine, dog park adventures and fun times.

  2. I’d like to have the same kind of summer as you – easy, relaxing, and spending lots of time outside.

  3. Oh that moosey firepit looks great and so does your door mat! We haven’t made freezer jam, we do can though – thanks for sharing that!


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