Tonic Living Fabric Fun

There was a little DIY action happening around here this weekend.  At Blog Podium I picked up a couple of fabulous fabric samples from Tonic Living.  If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile then you’ll now that I could spend hours browsing the fab fabrics on the Tonic Living site.  I’ve also worked with them on a couple of custom sewing projects – all of which have turned out great and that I’ll have to feature here soon (I just need to remember to take proper photos).

photo 1

So what did I do with this fabric? Check out this  little mushroom stool for little Miss S.

photo 2

Cute right? and SUPER EASY.  All you need is a tree stump or large branch, a round wood disk, some foam and a staple gun.  Nail the disk onto the stump, place the foam on top of the disk, cover with fabric and staple away.

– Emilija

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4 Responses to Tonic Living Fabric Fun

  1. Liana says:

    super cute 😉

  2. jkferrie says:

    How fun! Neat idea!


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