Be Thankful – DIY Chalkboard with Gold Stripe

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend I wanted to find a fun way for the family to share what they were thankful for.  After some Pinterest-inspiration I decided to create a chalkboard where we each add our some thoughts about what we’re thankful for the most.  This was a super easy DIY – all you need is some chalkboard paint and a wooden board (I picked up a pre-cut piece from Home Depot for $10) and you’re done!

PicMonkey Collage (4) (5)

After I painted the board I decided to add a bit of pizzaz with by adding a gold stripe at the bottom.  I love the bit of flare – makes it a bit more fun and festive.

I was a bit afraid to try some fancy lettering (I’m known for my messy handwriting) so I printed out some script, traced the back with chalk, placed on the chalkboard and then ran over the text with my hands (think of it as the same motion as ironing on a transfer).  Then I traced over it with my Chalk Ink pen and I was all done.

Now I can’t wait for everyone to add their own thankful tid-bits this weekend!!  What are you thankful for?

– Emilija

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4 Responses to Be Thankful – DIY Chalkboard with Gold Stripe

  1. Love this idea! Over at 4Mothers next week we are doing a serious of “thank you” posts, but this is a lovely idea of something to do with my kids. Thank-you 🙂

  2. Larissa says:

    super cool idea Emi…I might copy as we have a chalk board up in our kitchen already!


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