Project: Main Floor

{ Some inspiration via Pinterest }

We’ve been working on a couple of updates on our main floor – some window styling, a new table or two… I’d love to say all of these purchases or projects have been planned but they haven’t, most of them have been impulse buys or done out of necessity.

All of these one-off projects have got me thinking about “finishing” the main floor of our house.  We need to find/hang some art, add some side tables, tackle some lighting, figure out storage…  They are technically small projects but will take time to get all the pieces right.  My goal is to to have all of these little projects done in time for summer.

Here is my project list so far:

  1. Kitchen window curtains
  2. Cork board DIY
  3. Storage bench for our nook
  4. Dining room table/chairs
  5. Dining room walls
  6. Entry way lighting
  7. Hallway wall art
  8. Living room side tables/storage
  9. Living room rug

This list will definitely give me something to start with and I’m sure things will get added along the way.  Looking forward to sharing the details with you starting next week with our kitchen curtain reveal.

– Emilija

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