One of a Kind Show Toronto Giveaway

The One of a Kind Show always kicks off my Christmas preparations.  The show is fabulous for gifts, decor and is a great way to get in the festive spirit.  I can’t wait to check out some of the new exhibitors and visit some old favourites.  Thanks to the lovely folks at the OOAKS you can go too!  I’m giving away 10 pairs of tickets on the blog – just leave a comment below sharing what your “one of a kind” Christmas item is and you’ll be entered in a draw to win.  Winners will be announced here on the blog on November 26th.



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27 Responses to One of a Kind Show Toronto Giveaway

  1. Chantal says:

    My favorite one of a kind items are all the tasty goodies- jams, chocolate, candied salmon are a few of the gems. Great for stocking up during the holidays!

  2. biteintothis says:

    Although my favourite one of a kind Christmas item didn’t come from the ooaks, it is an ornament for our tree that is a cut out of my sons hand that we made last year at a Christmas party together. It has a poem on it that reads “this is the hand you use to hold, when I was only one year old” and I just know that we will have it on our tree for many, many years to come. I do love visiting the show though and hope to find a new wreath for our door this year when I attend.

  3. Larissa says:

    My favourite one of a kind christmas item didn’t come from the show, but it is an ornament for our tree that is a cut out of my sons hand that we made at a party last year. It has a poem on the back that reads, “this is the hand you use to hold when I was only one year old”, I just know we will have it on our tree for many, many years to come. When I attend the show this year, I hope to find a new wreath for our front door.

  4. Liana says:

    I love the OOAK show! One of my favorite things I’ve found there that I love as a hostess gift is a garlic bread dipper – it’s fabulous. But I would say that my ultimate favourite holiday item are all the ordaments from the 50’s that were passed down to my from my grandmother.

  5. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    I have a mini Christmas tree with lights and ornaments that I have had since 1997. I used to put it on my desk at work at Christmas time but now that I`m a SAHM I have it in my baby boy`s room. I stare at it while I nurse my son in the middle of the night. It`s so pretty and I love it!

  6. laura M says:

    I love the unique Christmas bulbs!

  7. jennifer says:

    I simply adore the OOAK show! I enjoy going every year. One of my favourite finds is a photograph from Prague. It was great to meet the photographer in person. I also LOVE the overpriced candy apples and always leave with a few!

  8. Simon says:

    I always look for OOAK Christmas ornaments!!! It makes my tree to be OOAK too!

  9. Amy says:

    I love the hand crafted Xmas ornaments! It’s always nice having people comment on the one of a kind ornaments that are on my tree

  10. I go every year and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I go. I am sure to scarf down some of those awesome-y chocolate peanut brittle bars and the garlic dippin’ sauces (not advisable to mix them together!), I always pick up an ornament (or few), my favourite sweatshirts have come from the OOAK as well as my most comfy Christmas dinner dress. It’s a Christmas miracle if I get out of there without VISA calling to see if a madwomen has stolen my card and went on an artisanal spree 🙂

  11. Steph says:

    I love the earrings and jewelry!

  12. Gina says:

    Our one of a kind Christmas item will be a Christmas stocking that I plan on sewing up for our baby. She’s due on January but I still want to include her for Christmas 🙂

  13. Christine says:

    Looks like a FABULOUS place to go! I don’t live in Toronto, unfortunately! Good luck to everyone who enters 🙂

  14. Amanda D. says:

    The one of a kind item I love giving out at Christmas is a handmade card. There is nothing like giving someone you love a unique and thoughtful card :)!

  15. I love giving Christmas cards that are handmade from OOAK – so many to choose from!

  16. Jenn H says:

    It is THE place to buy thoughtful and unique Xmas gifts!

  17. Miranda says:

    Love all the homemade soaps. I buy different scents to use at different times during the year, and candy cane/mint is my fave for Christmas!

  18. Emily says:

    I love all the handmade ceramic mugs- perfect for a cup of hot cider or tea on a winter’s day!

  19. bonnie says:

    I’ve only discovered the world of baby clothing as of late. I’ve never been to the show and hear rave reviews. Would LOVE to attend. 🙂

  20. Last year I bought a wonderful handmade cribbage game for my mom and a handmade babydoll cradle for my niece! Both amazing gifts that they loved and I hope to go back this year for MORE wonderful gifts

  21. Valérie says:

    I love the OOAK show for all the amazing handmade crafts. It’s so easy to buy things that are mass produced, and the OOAK show makes it just as easy to buy handmade!

  22. Keegan says:

    The homemade jams and preserves are my favourite one of a kind Christmas treats! They remind me of my childhood 🙂

  23. I love the One of a Kind – I try to go every year. I have my eye on some jewelry by The Barbers Daughter this year – I hope she’s there!

  24. I can’t pick a favourite. It’s all so gorgy gorgeous !!! I love just walking the show…and taking it all in….meeting the artists… getting jacked up on coffee and spending my Christmas stash of moola on beautiful handmade awesomeness. xx

  25. Heather M says:

    My one of a kind christmas item is a ceramic christmas tree that my childhood baby-sitter made for our family. I love the OOAK show and can’t wait to go this year. Hope I win 🙂

  26. Jeff says:

    I like all the woodworking items. All of them are really well made.

  27. bonton7 says:

    My absolute favourite OOAK item is actually a collection screen-printed christmas cards. They’re personalized and I always get asked where I got them from. I’m always truly amazed at the talent and craftsmanship that I see at the show. Inspiring!


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