Foto Friday – Polka Dot Decor

Happy Friday!  I love patterns for decor.  The classic patterns I tend to gravitate towards include anything with stripes.  Pretty self evident when you see the accent wall in our bedroom…  I have also always loved a traditional polka dot print but mainly for fashion.   I have a couple of polka dot dresses, shoes and accessories but I’ve never used the pattern at home.

My first thought is that polka dots can be a bit juvenile but the pictures I found online totally prove me wrong.  Whether you’re looking for fabric for an accent chair or to create a feature wall, dots do work in a grown-up space.  I particularly love the gold dots.  What do you think?

{ Home to Life }

{ Lonny Magazine via Casa Cullen }

{ Martha Stewart }

There are tons of ways to use a polka dot print but for me right now the best way would probably be through some accent pieces.  I’ve had my eye on a DIY art project (below) that I saw a little while back on one of my favourite blogs, Mint Love Social Club.  I think this confetti art would look great somewhere in the house.

{ Mint Love Social Club }

Now it is just finding the right spot and the time to craft!

Have a great weekend,

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